Delegat’s Spreadsheet

Ramsay Lucy Delegats Spreadsheet 2018

Attached is my companies spreadsheets, includes Statements in Movements of Equity, Balance Sheet and Income Statements for 2014 – 2017



The Assignment

My Initial Thoughts

To be honest I wasn’t all that keen on my company simply because they sell wine, and I know nothing about wine. I for some reason was assuming I would receive a company like Woolworths or Bundaberg Brew Drinks, a company that was big and well known and would interest me. Then I received Delegat and this assignment all of a sudden lost its appeal. After procrastinating for an unhealthy amount of time I finally researched my firm only to find that although what they sell does not interest me, their business does. Delegat is a family owned business established in 1947 that “are building a leading global Super Premium wine company” (Delegat, 2017). I find this phrase interesting as it is the first and biggest sentence on the Delegat website, and it only mentions wine once! They quickly go on to tell us that the company has grown tenfold since 2003, the website hardly mentions the wine, it is all about the company and their business dealings. This interested me because I realized that this assignment and business/accounting as a career focus on the company not what they sell. It is clear to see that my initial impressions of the firm have changed from disinterest to curiosity, not about what they sell but how they have grown as a firm by selling wine.


Hi I’m Lucy

I graduated from school last year, thank God and am now studying a bachelor of business at the CQU campus in Bundaberg which is luckily just down my street. I don’t actually know what I am majoring in I just clicked enroll and hoped for the best. But I decided on business because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life except for one thing. I work at a movie theatre and on the odd occasion that it rains in Bundaberg we 9 times out of 10 have a black out. So we have four full cinemas of people with no movies playing and a line out the door of customers all wanting tickets or refunds with only three staff on shift. It is hectic to say the least.

And I live for it! I absolutely love the rush of having everything that could possibly go wrong, go wrong and having all the staff and customers rely on me to come up with a solution that works for everyone. Watching the customer finally smile and the staff member relax because the problem is fixed. It was these moments that I realized I wanted a job where I had a team. A team that I was responsible for and could watch them succeed and have them trust and rely on me.

So that’s why I chose business. Now accounting is simply a unit that I need to take to get my degree and was not really looking forward to it. I have however, since starting the subject realized that it is very important in a business, that it is not a separate department but a factor in all departments. Learning that has made me take this unit much more seriously.

So yeah that’s about it from me, but feel free to leave a comment on why you chose business, law or accounting 🙂